Reinventing the way food vendors engage with customers

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and eating out will never be the same.



  • View local vendors in real time on an interactive map
  • Order from your mobile device
  • No cash, no problem. Secure and convenient payments
  • Avoid the lines
  • Know when you order will be ready
  • Order pickup codes, so no more mix ups

Why wait in line? You have better things to do.

Instead, order from wherever you want and have it ready, whenever you want. 

Here’s how it works:

  • locate food vendor
  • select from menu
  • order and pay
  • track time till pickup
  • get your food without standing in line, you can even have it ready before you get there. 

That’s Tasty Spot in bitsized form. So you know that feeling when you’re comfortably seated with friends, maybe having a beer at your favorite spot, or when a food-truck is coming to your office or campus for lunch, and you’re like, “I’m going to get something! Oh wait, yeah, that line, and then I have to wait…” No longer my friend, no longer, Tasty Spot is the solution to your predicament!

Get a unique pickup code when your order is ready.

Order from inside, on-the-way, or even ahead of time.  Check out what’s available before you leave home, both in the area and on the menu, then simply verify your order code when you pick up that somethin’ tasty, you were smart enough not to stand in line for.  Check out the menu, see the food-truck on the move, and even get a personalized countdown to your pickup time.  Aaand the cost to you is, wait for it….nothing!

Yep, true story, you can even organize your business and personal orders on the spot, and check that right off your to-do list.  That’s right, we’re cool like that.

All this and you get to support local at the same time!

Think of us, next time you don’t want to get up to stand in line!


Enjoy Great Street Food!

With Tasty Spot, the challenge of finding a great street food vendor in your local area is gone.