Tasty Spot Cities - Albuquerque

Tasty Spot Cities - Albuquerque
Last Updated: February 22, 2017

Here’s How Tasty Spot Works
The Tasty Spot Platform provides a marketplace where people who seek to find, buy and pick-up food from street food vendors can locate a food vendor, select the desired items and purchase directly from the street food vendor through a mobile app. 
There is no change for a customer to use the Tasty Spot app.  The current Service Fee in exchange for us to provide the Tasty Spot Platform services to our end customers is currently 10% of the price of the food items purchased through each transaction plus the Payment Processing Fee.  You (the street food vendor) control your pricing (to include the applicable Tasty Spot & Payment Processing Fees).  In addition, you control your hours and location, your menus, the orders you accept through the app, your preparation time and final delivery to the end customers.   
All of the tips that the customers choose to provide to you go directly to you after the Payment Processing Fee has been applied to the order.  In other words, Tasty Spot applies the Service Fee to the food items only. 
Here’s an example of the total transaction calculation: 

What do you (the Vendor) get in exchange for the Tasty Spot Service Fee?   

  • Free promotion & marketing provided by Tasty Spot
  • A free profile page on the Tasty Spot app
  • Time savings on in-person (“window orders”) allowing more time to prepare food and increase customer satisfaction
  • Automated order taking and processing with the control to adjust the expected completion time
  • Order history detail that you can use for planning orders and pricing adjustments
  • Makes it easy for our customers to find you and place their orders in real-time 

Access to a larger market = more orders & gross revenue
Tasty Spot is the best way to find, buy & pickup orders from your favorite street food vendors and is a great way to find new options.  Create your User Account to get started today! 

If you have any questions regarding the Tasty Spot Platform or Services, please contact our Customer Support Team at support@tastyspotapp.com.